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Moving And Packing Checklists

The clock starts ticking as soon as you make the decision to move. At Survivor Moving And Packing, we help you slow the clock down. Making plans early and staying on a schedule will help you avoid pitfalls that could cost you money and trauma.

To strategically plan your move, you should start planning two months before. On our website checklist, we start at the first month, but feel free to download our Survivor’s Checklist for the entire list of items.

1 Month Before Moving and Packing


Create an inventory of your belongings


Make a packing and labeling plan


Start packing and pack regularly as you can


Arrange child and pet care for moving day


Ensure your vehicle is ready for the trip


Give a change of address to all concerned


Purchase furnishings for your new home


Start planning where things will go in your new home


Make an unpacking plan for your new house


Let all service providers know you are moving


Check with your mover to ensure all details are established

2 Weeks Before Moving


Check on special needs to move your plants


Make arrangements or start cleaning empty rooms


Make arrangements to clean your new home


Make arrangements for elevator use or other areas that could stop or temporally hinder movers during moving operations


Properly dispose of all hazardous items

1 Week Before Moving


Backup and prepare your computer for moving


Pack the rest of your belongings


Call your mover and confirm move date and arrange for payment


Cancel or redirect all previous scheduled deliveries


Verify utility dates for your new home


Dispose of all remaining food in your refrigerator


Prepare school kids for the move


Open new bank account and THEN close the old one


Gather all incidentals to hand off to your real estate agent or new owner

Moving Day!

Moving day can be the most stressful of days. But if you have planned and prepared for it, it can be quite enjoyable; as if you are starting anew.

Here are some more things to consider for your moving day.

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Put together a moving day survival kit with items for the trip


Double check arrangements for moving your pet


Clean your home or arrange for professional cleaners


Ensure you have the mover’s contact information


Check your inventory list for accuracy and keep it with you


Make sure you have needed cash with you as you journey to your new home.


Properly dispose of all trash

Moving And Packing Help: How it Works

Get an Estimate

Get a free estimate and moving details from Survivor Moving & Packing as to how the move will take place.


Plan Your Move

Give some thought as to how you want things to go and make an intelligent plan.


Schedule Your Move

Use your plan to schedule your move. Think ahead and keep each responsible party informed.

Family Moving Into New Home

Safely Unloading And Handling A Customer’s Belongings


How does Survivor Moving and Packing determine its pricing for a move?

Survivor Moving and Packing considers the requirements of your move and establishes pricing accordingly. We take into consideration as how much help you want, how far are your moving, do you want us to pack and load for you, etc. Everything is considered to ensure you get what you want and pay for only what you order. We work with you and tailor our pricing according to your needs. You will find that our pricing is fair, moderate and well within the standards of the moving industry.

What is the difference between a local move and a residential move?

The difference between these two types of moves (as well as some of the other types) depends upon what is being moved and at what distance. For example, a Residential Move (moving to a new home) can be a short distance or a very long distance. A Local Move usually refers to a move that is less than 100 miles. So, if you are moving into a new home within the same city (less than 100 miles), you could refer to your move as a Local Residential Move.

If you are not sure as to the correct type of moving you are planning, contact Survivor Moving and Packing and we will help you identify your requirements and type of moving you are planning to make.

How far in advance should I start planning my move?

The ‘moving experts’ say 60 days in advance of your move. You may feel that is a bit to the extreme, but it never hurts to plan ahead. A lot of things are involved in a move which means a lot of things could go wrong. We feel the sooner you start planning, the better off you will be and the smoother things will go for you. Even planning only an hour or two for smaller moves as moving an appliance or machinery will go a lot better for you.

Contact Survivor Moving and Packing and we can help you correctly plan for your next move.

What measures do you take to ensure my belongs are not damaged during transit?

 All of our movers are trained and furnished with standardized and safe moving equipment. They take assessment of all your belongings and plan a loading strategy that prevents your belongings from shifting or moving during transit. Our drivers are properly licensed for transporting your belongings to your new location.

If you have a question anytime your belongings are being packed, loaded, or transported, please contact Survivor Moving and Packing as soon as possible.

What precautions do you take to ensure my belongs are not lost?

If you contact us at the beginning of your move, we take a complete inventory of your belongings and correctly mark and identify the packing boxes as to their contents. A record of this inventory is kept and checked against the loading  and unloading of the vehicle to ensure all items arrive and are counted for.

Survivor Moving and Packing employees take pride in the way they look out and care for your belongings.

Will Survivor Moving and Packing work with me to ensure I don't over pay for my moving?

Yes, Survivor Moving and Packing is a people’s company. We love people, we love what we do, and we love to help people.

Call Survivor Moving and Packing as early as possible in your moving adventure and we will work with you every step of the way. We will get involved with your move as much or as little as you want us to. You will only be billed for the amount of services you request.

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