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You have full access to all of our professional moving services, from local to long-distance moving. And we start working for you the moment you contact Survivor Moving and Packing.

You get honest and helpful answers to all your questions as we work with you all the way through your journey.

We will give you a free estimate and professional advice and explain some hidden things about a move that you should watch out for and that could save you some expenses on your move.

We are well known to tailor our services to meet your needs and make your move easy and economical for you.

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A Full-Service Moving Company

Full Service Moving Company For Any Of Your Moving Needs

If you don’t see a moving service listed that you are looking for, please contact Survivor Moving and Packing. We don’t want to leave anything out and you may have a unique situation. And we may have an answer for it. Our goal is to help you move and make it as easy and convenient for you as possible.

Some of the services listed below are closely related to each other, but we break them down to give you an idea as to how inclusive our moving service is. And it gives you an idea as to the reason some moving experiences are less expensive and others are more expensive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Survivor Moving and Packing at any time.

We tailor our moving to your requirements. You can get as many or as few services as you want.

Full Service Moving

The title is correct. After you contact us with the requirements of your move, you can sit back and relax. We will furnish equipmenet, vehicles, and movers, and do all the work.

Apartment Moving

Apartment moving is moving from one apartment to another apartment. The apartments can be located within the same building, city, or state.

Commercial Moving

A commercial move involves the transporting of machinery, vehicles, appliances, and other objects that require special tools and handling. Some companies also include moving a company as a commercial move.

Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving refers to a move over 100 miles distance within the United States. Some companies refer to this as Interstate Moving.

Business Moving

Business moving is something like commercial and corporate moving only on a lighter scale. We will move a business person or employee to a new cubicle within the same office, or to a new office across town.

International Moving

International moving refers to any type of moving to a foreign country or outside the United States,

Relocation Moving

Relocation moving is to pack everything up and move to a totally new place. It can involve any other type of move.

Senior Moving

Senior moving is the relocation of our senior citizens. We understand that moving can cause trauma, so we employ special care and consideration to disrupt things as little as possible.

Residential Moving

Residential moving is moving from one house to another house. Most of the time it refers to a new location within the same city, but could reach out further.

Local Moving

Local moving usually refers to a move within the same city, but in some instances it could include another city if the move is less than 100 miles distance.

Corporate Moving

Corporate moving involves all the services required by the corporation to relocate the company and/or employees to a new city.

Interstate Moving

Interstate moving is relocating anywhere within the United States. It entails special rules and regulations that must be met in order to cross state lines legally.

Valuables Moving

Valuables moving entails the special handling and protection of those items that are most precious to you whether it is money, expensive items, collector’s items, classic items, or any other object that you value.

Heavy Moving

Heavy moving is furnishing the resources you need to move heavy objects whether its in your house or across town or state lines. If it’s heavy and you want to move it, we have the resources to do the job.

Helper Moving

Helper moving involves any help that you need to move something. We will move an appliance, rearrange furniture, or help you pack up and load your truck for a long haul. Or, unpack it when you reach your destination.

How Our Moving Services Work

Survivor Moving and Packing gets you started moving in the right direction and quickly no matter what type of moving service you require.

Contact SMP

We will help you get started with your move the right way by answering all your questions and giving you a free estimate.


Plan Your Move

We will help you plan your move by giving you professional mover’s advice and letting you know important things to watch our for.


Schedule Your Move

We can provide a comprehensive ‘moving check list’ and schedule your move to meet your requirement. Download SMP Check-List

Our Other Moving Services

Here is a list of other services that will help you with any of your moving requirements, regardless of the type of moving you need.

Packing & Unpacking

We will help you pack and unpack, just pack or just unpack. You can even select the items that you want us to pack.


We provide necessary short-term or long-term storage for those items that you must leave behind during your move.


All of our moving equipment is maintained and kept in good condition. We have different tools and equipment for special handling and loading requirements.

Packing Supplies

We have a complete list of packing supplies at your disposal. Simply place an order and we will deliver them to you.

Loading and Unloading

Our employees are trained and properly equipped to handle any item you are moving. And they know how to pack a truck to prevent damage to your belongings.

Trucks and or Drivers

Our drivers are licensed and trained to handle any type of mover’s vehicle. They are courteous and safe while handling our vehicle or yours.

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